What is a Telemedicine App?

Tele Medicine or Telehealth is the absolute form of health-related information and services through various channels over the internet or telecommunication. It enables long-distance interaction, care, guidance, reminders, education, intervention, monitoring, and remote admissions between Doctors and patients over a medium of communication.

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                              Types of Telemedicine App

There are three types of video conferencing: Store-and-forward, Remote monitoring and Real-time interactive services.

Store And Forward

Store-and-forward telemedicine eliminates the requirement for a medical practitioner to visit with a patient in person. Instead, when collected from the patient, health data such as medical pictures or bio-signals may be provided to the professional as needed. Doctors can swiftly examine them and provide a medical solution, allowing patients to save money on consultation fees.

Remote Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is a technology that collects, stores, and analyses medical data from patients remotely. IoT is used by RPM applications to monitor and record patient's organ function and medical information automatically. Healthcare practitioners can detect trends that impact their patient's wellness in this way.

Real-Time Interactive Services

Patients who seek medical treatment might benefit from interactive programs that offer rapid guidance. For this goal, a variety of methods are used, including phone, internet, and home visits. A medical history and conversation regarding current symptoms can be completed, followed by an evaluation comparable to what is done in face-to-face sessions.

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                              Examples of Telemedicine Apps


Medibhai is a platform created with a vision to provide information and facilitate services in the healthcare domain. Transparency and Ease of access to information when an individual seeks support to overcome medical adversity. Medibhai intends to be the unseen family member whom you can rely on during a medical contingency.


Teledental services include online virtual dentist consultation - with the added benefit of the patient not having to travel to their local dental office and the dentist being able to do it from anywhere as well. Of course, there are limitations. For example, one can not get root canal treatment or have dental veneers done virtually. You as the patient, still need to go to your local dental office to get dental treatment.


Dentalchat is the clear leader in pioneering new smart dental care technology and helping people with their dental care online. DentalChat.com has been around for almost 20 years - it was originally registered in the year 2000. The newer DentalChat was founded over a decade ago, by a general dentist with a passion for dental care and technology. The goal and vision were clear - to build the best dental platform that could help people with their dental care in real-time. With hard work, a great team and smart new technology, the vision has become a reality. In the last several years, with new AI technology - we have transformed DentalChat into what it is today -- the leading dental platform for people to go to get dental questions answered in real-time

                       The Technology used in Telemedicine App

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence 
AI is rapidly being used in telemedicine applications. Language processing, chatbots, voice recognition, and machine learning are customised healthcare services like never before.

Machine learning 
Machine learning algorithms are increasingly being utilised to detect early indicators of cancer and other illnesses, resulting in better patient outcomes.

BIG data
Big data analytics supports a value-based approach to health care delivery and greatly cuts costs. Clinicians may deliver a higher quality of care and achieve better outcomes by employing data-driven insights into patient health via telemedicine.

IoT devices 
The introduction of IoT in telemedicine is thought to be solely for the purpose of remote patient monitoring. IoT-enabled patient monitoring devices guarantee that clinicians receive all required information, such as the patient's health status, blood pressure level, and so much more, remotely. Wearables and other IoT devices may be integrated into the creation of telemedicine apps to provide tailored patient care.

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                              Features of Telemedicine App                


Appointment scheduling with patients
After locating the appropriate medical professional, the patient must book an appointment through the app and, if necessary, provide information about health conditions and medical records. The software should handle time slots automatically and display whether one or more experts are available.

Upload and search patient data and health data
Allow the doctor to review and add to the patient's medical history prior to the consultation. Doctors have access to all of their patient's medical records at any time.

Video Conference
Video calls allow doctors to conduct more thorough examinations on their patients. A doctor may ask a patient to expose their skin or throat, for example, in order to see a lesion up close and make a diagnosis.

Writing prescriptions
Physicians should be able to prescribe drugs directly from the app. Patients can use c these prescriptions to purchase medications or other health services at medical facilities.


Profile Creation
To create a profile, a patient enters their name, address, gender, age, medical history, and other vital information required to begin the treatment process.

Doctors Profile
One of the best advantages of telemedicine apps for patients is that a user can view a list of doctors, view their profiles, and book an appointment with the doctor of their choice. This is one of the most important functions because it informs patients about a doctor's availability and allows them to book an appointment at a time that is convenient for them.

Video conferencing
Patients use this feature when they need a doctor to examine them. Doctors conduct initial observations through video chat, which is why the quality of the video is so critical. Proper diagnosis and therapeutic accuracy rely on good connection and a clear picture.

Voice recording
Most people don’t want to reveal their faces when it comes to psychological issues, and like to speak privately. The App provides a Voice recording call feature for these purposes. It offers a safe forum for people who feel reluctant to get trained assistance to speak about their issues.

When patients create their accounts, they gain access to e-Medical records that contain all of their information, including medical data and communication history. If necessary, those records can be shared with another specialist, spouse, or other family members.

Medication reminders
The app stores all prescriptions written by a doctor and send notifications to patients to remind them to take their medication.

Location-based appointments
A location-aware feature is required to ensure that a patient and the doctor are in the same location to make an appointment at the right place wherever they needed to.

In chat Feature
A patient can use the secure built-in chat to contact a doctor if they have an urgent question, need a second consultation, or have questions about prescribed medications.

Push notifications
Push notifications are the primary means by which you communicate with your users. Notify users of upcoming appointments or meetings, notify them of successful transactions and incoming messages, and promote your services.

Live Audio Streaming
In addition to video and text chats, you can use your app to make routine phone calls. This is sometimes more convenient for users who do not have a consistent internet connection where Calls can also be used in an emergency.

Insurance policy
Add the ability to add an insurance plan to a user's profile and keep it in one place, as well as the ability to automatically send bills to the insurance provider

A patient can rate and review a doctor after receiving medical treatment from him or her. This feature assists new patients in making better decisions when searching for doctors.


Handling billing to the patient
Following the consultation, the patient pays the doctor for the service rendered. To accomplish this, you must integrate a payment gateway via API. All major credit cards are accepted, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Patients may also pay with HSA or FSA debit cards that bear the Visa or MasterCard logo.

Managing appointments with doctors and patients
Patient visits differ in terms of the amount of time required and the level of care required. Consider these factors when deciding where and when to schedule your patients, or whether you even need to schedule them at all.

Appointment reminders
Text and email appointment reminders can be used to confirm appointments. The use of an appointment reminder software system will increase the number of on-time arrivals and appointments kept.

Prepare Patient List
Last-minute cancellations are inconvenient, but if you have a patient waiting list, you will be ready if this unfortunate event occurs. Also, admin portals enable administrators to prioritise patients based on emergency needs with the appropriate doctors to handle these types of appointments admin portals are much needed.

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Vani Meetings API
Vani Meetings API helps you in Managing all the features in your own customised app with real-time interacting services between the patients and doctors or remote monitoring or may be able to record the data and store it, forward to the doctors who are able to give a medical solution.

Vani Meetings live conference API
Vani Meetings live conference API helps to interact with the doctors in real-time engagement able to capture every gesture and nuance with easily integrated into your platform and able to live chat which provides instant notifications, in-app chat rooms, and two-way messaging to stay connected while leveraging your existing technology without disrupting the flow of audio and video.

Vani Meetings Audio Streaming
We also provide Vani Meetings Audio Streaming in low bandwidth areas or remote areas around the world that still doesn't have a good speed internet connection, these areas are hard to access by video calls features and also have low costing smartphones which make it impossible to provide video calling solution but Audio streaming is a perfect solution with the ability to work in low-speed internet areas to provide the telemedicine or telehealth services to expand their range for business widely in these areas too.

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